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 As electricity prices increase, using solar power has become a necessity. In Pakistan, where many families depend heavily on electricity, the high electricity costs significantly impact our lifestyles and businesses. High electricity costs and demand have driven manufacturers to develop solar panels as a solution. 

There are many solar provider companies in Pakistan, but out of top 10 Solar Panels in Pakistan, Canadian Solar N-Type TOPCon Bifacial Solar Panel 575W is the best in terms of efficiency, affordability, structure, and other quality attributes. In this blog, we will talk about different kinds of Solar Panels, how well they work, and their main differences. Solar panels are a basic need now, So we will discuss the top 10 Solar Panels in Pakistan and provide a comparison to help you make the best choice for your needs. 

Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. This process involves absorbing sunlight with the solar panels and sending the energy to an inverter. The inverter converts this direct current into an alternating current, suitable for household use. Any excess electricity generated is stored in batteries for later use when there is no sunlight. Central to this system is the solar panel itself.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Solar Panels in Pakistan

BrandAvailable WattagePrice (Rs/watt)Efficiency NotesStructural QualityWarranty Details
Canadian Topcon575W, 580W, 585W47High performance and efficiencyStrong and impressive 30 Years warranty
Canadian Solar N-Type TOPCon Bifacial555W, 575W49High efficiency, absorbs rays from both sidesExcellent material and high-efficiency12-year product, 30-year linear power outpu
Jinko N-Type575W, 580W, 585W47Good efficiency, better performanceAverage25 Year Warranty
Longi Himo 6580W, 575W, 585W43Less efficient but very durableExcellent material quality25 Year Warranty
Longi Himo 7585W47Very efficientExcellent structural quality12 Year Warranty
JA Solar
580W43Famous worldwide for high-efficiencyVery durable structure30 Year Warranty
Inverex Solar550W40 RsEfficient performanceDurable12-year warranty
Trina Solar670W46The latest technology, N-type bifacialInnovative and best quality30 years for dual glass, 25 years for single glass
Sharp Solar Panels400 Watt36 RsHigh-quality, highly efficientHigh quality25 years of warranty
LG Solar380 Watt
370 Watt
365 Watt
40 RsInnovative, high-efficiencyAesthetic appeal, high quality25 years of warranty

Canadian Topcon

Canadian Topcon solar panels are the best in Pakistan in terms of performance and efficiency. Their structure is also strong and impressive. The price is 39 Rs per watt. They are available in 575W, 580W, and 585W variants.

Canadian Solar N-Type TOPCon Bifacial Solar Panel 575W

It’s a new technology that increases the efficiency of solar panels.  It can absorb sun rays from both sides. The Canadian 555 W – 575 W N-type TOPCon Bifacial Module is priced at Rs. 25,425. It offers a comprehensive 12-year enhanced product warranty that covers materials and artistry. It also features a 30-year linear power output warranty under the terms specified in the Canadian Solar Limited Warranty Statement.

Jinko N-Type

Jinko N-type panels are available in several variants, such as 575W, 585W, and 580W. Their performance is better, though the structural quality could be better than what other companies provide.  Canadian Topcon and Jinko N type both offer good efficiency. The Jinko N Type is priced at 39 Rs per watt. The structure quality of panels is fine but not as superior as Canadian Topcon.

Longi Himo 7

It is the best and strongest Solar panel. These plates are very durable. Longi Himo 5, Longi Himo 6, and Longi Himo 7 are all famous in Pakistan because of their durability and efficiency. If you’re planning to buy plates, then I would suggest The Longi Himo 7, at 7585W, which is efficient and of excellent structural quality. The rate for Longi Himo 7 is also 38 Rs per watt.

Important: Make sure the stainless steel keel and strong roof mounting stands for panel safety

Longi Himo 6

Himosos panels are available in different variants, such as 580W, 575W, and 585W. The quality of the plate material, including the structure and core material, is excellent. Apparently, its material quality is much better than that of the Jinko N type. If you frequently relocate your home or solar system, Himo-6 panels are a durable option, although they are less efficient than Jinko and Canadian Topcon panels in generating electricity. The price per watt is 47 Rs.

LG Solar

LG Solar is known for its innovation, high efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and quality.  LG solar products ensure their compliance with sustainability. Solar plates from LG technologies are famous for high performance and ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility. The price per watt is 43 Rs.

JA Solar

JA Solar is famous in Pakistan and known worldwide for its efficiency. The JA-N type 10 Plus model is the best. The price per watt is 52 Rs

Inverex Solar

The Inverex 550 Watt is a very popular choice nowadays. It is also known as the New TRI 1. Its price is 52 Rs/Watt. The 550 Watt panel has a total of 144 cells. The Inverex 550 Watt provides efficient performance. The company offers a 12-year warranty, similar to the Fornius inverter which offers a warranty of over 10 years. I recommend investing in such brands that offer durability and long-term warranties. The price per watt is  41 Rs.

Trina Solars

Trina Solar offers the latest technology in solar panels.  Although, Trina’s N-type Bifacial technology amazed everyone. These panels work from both sides. N-type technology is innovative in the solar panel industry. Usually, solar panels’ power degrades when installed outside (in connection with oxygen), but now these panels are significantly better. All solar users recommend N-type bifacial technology. Trina provides 30 years of warranty for dual glass panels and 25 years for single glass. The price per watt is Rs 32.

Sharp solar panels

Sharp Solar Inverter is a pioneer in introducing the highest-quality, highly efficient solar technology. The panels are well-developed and give maximum output at all temperature levels. The company provides a 25-year warranty. The price per watt is Rs 52.


Investing in the right solar panels is a crucial decision. It’s a long-term investment, so it’s better to compare price, efficiency, quality, after-sales services, and so on.  I have discussed the top 10 solar panels in Pakistan in this blog and I recommend using advanced technology like Canadian Solar N-Type TOPCon Bifacial Solar Panel 575W. As solar technology is regularly evolving, constantly research to select a panel that aligns with your specific requirements and environmental conditions.

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