Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights installed

Street Lights are crucial in urban and rural development because they improve road safety, increase security, and enhance nighttime visibility. Sometimes, we even forget to turn off the lights, which use a lot of electricity. It wastes energy, increases expenses, and is also ethically questionable. However, traditional street lighting systems consume a significant amount of energy. 

This has led to a shift towards more sustainable solutions such as Solar Street Lights. These Solar Lights work on off-grid systems. It facilitates safe driving, prevents crime, and extends the hours during which outdoor activities can be enjoyed without any extra cost. The price of a 90W Street Light is Rs. 12,000, a 30W Street Light is Rs. 8,100, and the price of a 500W  Solar Street Light is Rs. 33,000 only. 

This blog will discuss how solar street lights work, their advantages and disadvantages, and the most important prices for solar street lights. Let’s  check out prices first:

Solar Street lights with Updated price in Pakistan

NameApproximate Price
500WSolar Street Light FL-35Rs. 33,000
250W Solar Street LightRs. 48,500
Solar 180W Street Light Rs. 24,500
Solar 90W Street Light Rs. 12,000
Solar 120W Street Light Rs. 16,500
Solar 30W Street LightRs. 8,100
Solar 60W Street LightRs. 9,500
Solar Light 60WRs. 99,800
Solar Light 40WRs. 78,000
Solar Light 300WRs. 125,500
Solar Light 40W Rs. 70,000
60W Solar LightRs. 22,000
180W Solar Street LightRs. 56,000
40W Solar LightRs. 68,000
Project Series 60W Solar Light Rs. 88,000
Solar 60W Street Light (Black Bod)Rs. 9,500
Solar  90W Street Light Rs. 14,500
Solar 120W Street Light Rs. 20,500
20W Solar Street LightRs. 46,000
Solar Street Light 90WRs. 78,000
Solar Light 50W Rs. 62,000
Solar Light 100W Rs. 130,000
Solar Light 60W Rs. 85,000
60W Solar Street Light with split Panel Rs. 46,000
600W with Dual Head Solar Street LightRs. 53,000
80W Split Solar Street Light FL-SSL-Rs. 105,000
120W Solar Street Light with split Panel Rs. 135,000
100W Solar Street Light  with split Panel Rs. 68,000
100W Solar Street Light(Heavy Duty)Rs. 150,000
500W Solar Street Light Rs. 62,000
400W Solar Street Light Rs. 45,000
70W Solar Street Light(Heavy Duty)Rs. 70,000
100W Solar Street Light (Heavy Duty)Rs. 95,000
Solar  90W Street LightRs. 13,500
300W Solar Street LightRs. 37,500
120W Solar Street Light (Heavy Duty)Rs. 125,000
600W Solar Street LightRs. 33,000
80W Solar Street Light (Heavy Duty)Rs. 85,000
100W Solar Street Light (Heavy Duty)Rs. 105,000

Important Component Solar Street Lights

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

Solar streetlights offer various benefits. These benefits increase the chances to invest in it. Here are some key benefits.

Energy Independence

Solar Street Lights operate independently without any connection to the power grid. You don’t need cables or look for grid availability. Because of this independence, these lights never face power outages. 

Easy Installation

The installation of solar streetlights is straightforward. It does not require any tricky wiring or trenching, unlike traditional lights. This easy installation makes them ideal for remote areas.


These lights are powered by photovoltaic panels, which transform sunlight into electricity. This renewable energy minimizes carbon footprints and contributes to a greener environment.


Solar lights reduce dependency on fossil fuels, which reduces cost. There is no need for wiring, long-term maintenance, or the use of external power to lighten up. Solar streetlights require minimal maintenance. Monitor the electricity usage or replace the wiring systems. The LED bulbs used in solar street lights also have a long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Automatic Operations

Solar streetlights don’t require any regular assistance. These lights work through sensors that automatically control the lighting. They turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn. This automated feature reduces the need for manual intervention. These lights turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Overall, solar street lights are a sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable option that can provide cost-effective lighting solutions, enhance public safety by reducing crime, and also reduce carbon emissions.

Disadvantages of Solar Street Lights

Solar Lights have a lot of benefits, but they also have several disadvantages. A few solar streetlights are given below:

Large initial investment

Although the ongoing cost of solar street lights is almost nothing, the initial investment is huge as compared to traditional street lighting. The survey shows that the price of solar streetlights is three times higher than that of regular LED straight lights.

Geographic Location and Weather Conditions

Solar streetlights are entirely dependent on sunlight rays.  Therefore, sun rays are necessary to get full benefits. For example, if there is changed weather, such as cloudy weather or rain, solar streetlights will not work. 

Moreover, solar street lights may not be as effective in regions with extremely cold temperatures or in places that experience prolonged low temperatures, as battery efficiency decreases in cold weather. This limitation can impact their usefulness even in typically sunny countries like Pakistan, Dubai, or India during the winter season when solar radiation is less intense.

Installation Location

As already discussed, solar streetlights depend on direct sunlight to operate efficiently. It is impossible to get the maximum benefit of solar street lights if there are tall buildings, trees, or other structures that may affect the light’s reaching towards the solar panel.


Solar street lights are costly and can be in the eyes of thieves, especially in remote areas where security is not present.

Storage Limitations

The storage limitation depends upon the batteries and quality of solar streetlights. If there is insufficient sunlight, the lights cannot operate throughout the night.


It is wise to invest in solar street lights for long-term benefits. These lights are regulated by a solar charge controller to adjust the lighting according to the natural brightness. The payback period starts from day one because, thanks to their independence from the grid, you no longer have to pay electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

The approximate price of a 90W Street Light is Rs. 12,000, a 30W Street Light is Rs. 8,100, and the price of a 500W  Solar Street Light is Rs. 33,000 only.

Yes, solar streetlights are worthwhile enough to invest in. They offer cost savings, reduce dependency on the grid, are easy to install, do not require wires, and do not require regular maintenance.

Yes, most Solar streetlights have batteries attached. The battery saves energy during the day and turns on when the sun goes down. These lights have sensors inside to turn on and off automatically according to outside light.

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