Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, people are now shifting to solar power systems and the main reason is the high electricity rates. Solar inverter is a vital part of any solar system. Solar Inverter Prices can vary with the capacity of the Solar System. The solar inverter converts direct current (DC)  to alternative current (AC).

The price of solar inverters depends on different factors like brand quality, efficiency, inverter capacity, and availability. The price of a 1.2-kilowatt Solar Inverter is between 35000 PKR to 90000 PKR. When solar panel prices decrease, the inverter price increases due to increased demand for solar inverters.

Inverter Price

Inverters are available in single-phase and three-phase. A three-phase inverter is recommended for those who are interested in net metering and for solar systems above 5KW while a single-phase inverter is recommended for systems less than 2KW.

The price of a Three-Phase solar panel inverter in Pakistan

Brand /Kilo Watt/ SpecificationPrice
INVT 1800/2200 Kilo Watts 3 phase110000
INVT 1500/1800 Kilo Watts 3 phase54600
INVT 1100/1500 Kilo Watts 3 phase46100
INVT 700/1100 Kilo Watts 3 phase39000
INVT 500/700 Kilo Watts 3 phase30000
INVT 400/500 Kilo Watts 3 phase28100

Price of solar inverters with different capacities and brands

Brand /Capacity/ SpecificationPrice
Trion Wise 1200 ( SOLAR SUPPORTED INVERTER) (1000 Watt) 12VDC47500
Homage HVS-1214 SCC Vertex Solar Charge Inverter Ups 1000W With Official Warranty53500
Fronus PV3200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan95000
Fronus PV5200 Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan160000
Inverex – Nitrox 15 KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan380000
Inverex Aerox 3.2 KW (Special edition) Black Solar Inverter110000
Inverex Nitrox 35KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan650000
Inverex Veyron ll 3.2KW MPPT Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan185000
Inverex Nitrox 75KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan1055000
Local Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan30000

The average Price of solar inverters with different KW Solar Systems

Solar SystemsPrice
5kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan150,000 PKR to 300,000 PKR
6kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan175000 PKR to 400,000 PKR
8kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan 450,000 PKR to 550,000 PKR
10kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan295000 (Growatt) to 360000 (Inverex)
12kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan600,000 PKR to 950,000 PKR
15kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan350000 (Growatt) to 380000 (Inverex)
20kW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan435000 (Growatt) to 470000 (Inverex)

Types of Inverters

There are three types of inverters

  1. Hybrid inverters- These are designed to work with both grid systems and batteries.
  2. Off-grid inverters- Work only with solar systems and batteries.
  3. On-grid inverters– These are designed to work with grid systems.

Off-grid inverters are more expensive than hybrid inverters and on-grid inverters.

Brands and availability of solar inverters in Pakistan

Due to popularity, awareness and increased demand for solar systems in Pakistan solar inverters are also easily available in the Pakistani market. Different  Reputable brands of inverters are also available in Pakistan and some are given below:

  • Huawei Inverters.
  • GoodWe Inverters.
  • Solis Inverters.
  • Fronius Inverters.
  • Growatt Inverters.

Factors Affecting Solar Inverter Prices in Pakistan

Different factors influence the rates of solar inverters in Pakistan and are given below:

  1. Inverter Capacity: inverters are available in different capacities and range from a few hundred watts to several megawatts. Low-capacity inverters are used in residential systems and high-capacity inverters are mostly used in commercial solar systems. High-capacity solar inverters are more expensive than low-capacity inverters.
  2. Efficiency: solar inverter manufacturers use different technologies which differ the efficiency of solar inverter. Prices are high with high efficiency.
  3. Features: The advancement of features and functionality like smart grid capabilities and battery integration will affect in high price of inverters.
  4. Brand & Quality: Many brands in Pakistan provide high-quality inverters with high efficiency. The high-quality brand will cost a relatively high price.

Warranty and support  service of solar inverters

Reputable manufacturers or suppliers of solar inverters mostly offer warranty and support services. It is very important to consider that the supplier provides a warranty and support service facility in case of any defect.


According to your solar system setup, choose a reputable brand offering high-quality products with long-term warranty and support services and choose and choose that type of inverter.

Different companies offer different warranties. In Pakistan, well-reputed brands offer 5 to 10 years of warranty.

The price of the solar inverter varies from company to company depending on the quality and how many years of warranty they are offering. There are different companies available in the market with different prices. The average cost of a 6Kilowatt solar inverter is about 175000PKR to 450000PKR


Solar inverters are a vital part of solar systems. Solar inverters are available in different types. In Pakistan, solar inverter manufacturers increasing time to time with increased adoption of solar power energy. Prices of solar inverters vary depending on brands, quality, and efficiency. You can buy solar inverters according to your needs and budget.

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