Portable Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels

Electricity prices per unit are consistently increasing, and unfortunately,  we don’t have to only pay for the electricity units we consume, we also have to pay additional taxes.  In such disturbing and uncertain conditions, we often receive unexpected bills to pay. 

Therefore, Solar panels are an efficient way to supplement our regular electricity usage. However, despite the success of solar systems, like everything in this world, there are flaws too. They are heavy and difficult to move. A company in China has taken note of these issues and offers advanced Portable solar panels, also known as Flexible solar panels, to address these concerns.

What is the best alternative to the traditional Solar plates?

We can enjoy solar energy through three different Rigid solar panels, also known as Traditional solar plates, Portable Solar Plates, and Flexible Solar plates. 

Wind energy is also an alternative to solar panels because Solar energy cannot be used at night or during cloudy weather. Wind energy is the best solution for energy production in a windy area. Wind turbines also release less CO2 into the atmosphere. During foggy conditions, wind energy can be tackled even at night. Energy produced from wind power systems is a more efficient power source than solar energy. It is also suitable for the atmosphere as wind turbines release less CO2 into the climate. 

Portable solar panels are an alternative to solar solutions. These panels are similar to flexible solar sheets and are easy to carry around. Portable solar panels are helpful when traveling to remote areas, such as the northern regions of Pakistan or mountainous regions, where electricity is insufficient. They can charge phones, electric kettles, iron clothes, and cameras. 

Simply roll out the solar sheets, place them in your vehicle, and use them at your destination. Portable solar panels offer a practical solution for those who need electricity while traveling. 

Advantages of Portable solar panels

  • Flexible options can be more energy-efficient for motor vehicles.
  • Flexible Solar Panels can bend up to 258 degrees and  fit on a van because of their unique shape 
  • Flexible panels are the best for boating, and they withstand the weather.
  • Flexible panels are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Flexible panels are easy to install due to their lightweight nature.

Disadvantages of Portable solar panels

  • Portable solar panels are lightweight, which means you don’t have to drill and place them on rigid frames, but you need a more secure installation option to prevent them from being displaced by strong winds.
  • Flexible panels, made with silicon, generally have a shorter lifespan as during travel they can be damaged 
  • These panels can be molded making them less durable.
  • Despite their flexibility, these panels are heavy and less portable compared to other types like solar sheets 
  • Flexible solar panels are constructed from monocrystalline cells and laminate, which allows them to bend. 
  • Portable solar plates are ideal for use without rigid solar array frames

Prices for flexible Solar panels

The cost for a 220-watt portable solar is 105000 PKR only. You can also use portable power systems with these portable and flexible solar technology. 

Solar sheets

Solar sheets are a new technology that is now available in Pakistan. They can be used on plain roofs, but are more suitable for curved roofs. These solar sheets can also be used for windows as they help to prevent heat from entering the building.

Advantages of Solar sheets

  • Solar sheets are perfect for camping.
  • They are the best solution for hiking or engaging in other outdoor activities.
  • These sheets are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Solar sheets are easy to install in different locations while traveling.
  • According to the company that started developing and selling these flexible solar panels, they weigh only four to five pounds.
  • They are a perfect solution for structures with curved roofs.
  • These sheets are very easy to install due to their lightweight nature.
  • Another advantage is that there is no need for drilling during installation, which is beneficial for your house.

Disadvantages of Solar sheets

  • Flexible solar sheets are lightweight and can be displaced by strong winds.
  • The proximity between the solar sheet and the roof can reduce efficiency due to overheating of the photovoltaic cells.
  • These sheets are made up of silicon and generally have a shorter lifespan.
  • These panels can be molded, curved, or angled surfaces, making them less durable.
  • They are ideal for boats, RVs, and roofs that cannot accommodate the flat surface required for rigid solar array frames.

How do solar sheets work?

Flexible solar sheets are made of monocrystalline silicon, which allows them to absorb more energy efficiently. These sheets are lightweight and reliable. Flexible solar sheets can connect with a solar generator to power your everyday appliances wherever you are.

Prices for Solar sheets?

Prices for solar sheets are something that everyone primarily wants to know. There are mainly two choices if someone wants flexible solar panels. One type comes with built-in stands so you can keep it in your car and use it near your camp or the place you are staying. Flexible panels are also known as portable solar systems. The cost for a 110-watt solar sheet is 22000 PKR only. Obviously, The cost of solar panel sheets is higher than that of traditional panels due to advanced technology and other benefits. In Pakistan, you can buy solar sheets from Simka Electric. They are local representative of a Chinese company.

Rigid solar panels

These panels are the best in areas for permanent installations such as homes, offices, factories, etc. In Pakistan, traveling isn’t very common. People prefer to build a house and stay there for as long as possible. Hence, they need a permanent solution for electricity. These traditional solar panels have a glass cover and a sturdy aluminum frame, providing protection from damage, scratches, winds, snow, and rain. The glass cover serves as an additional layer of protection, confirming the long life of the solar panels.

Advantages of rigid solar panels

Rigid solar panels have several advantages. They are durable and long-lasting.  Some people mount them on stands and keep them in the countryside. It is also a good approach but not safe obviously. In this case, they can keep the solar plate inside the room for safety concerns when they are not at home or during the night. 

Disadvantages of Rigid Solar Plates
  • Installing traditional solar panels is expensive.It is difficult to install a rigid solar panel system as it requires a permanent installation, which adds to the cost and time required compared to a flexible system.Rigid solar panels typically require racks, meaning you will have to drill holes in your roof for permanent installation.You will need to hire a professional to set up your solar panel system if you opt for traditional panels. Traditional panels are heavy to carry due to their weight, which is around 40 to 50 pounds.

Prices for rigid Solar panels

The prices are different from size to size and from one company to another but approximately The average price of a 5KW solar system can be RS.760000 to RS.850000 and the average price of an 8KW solar system can be RS.1200000 to RS.1400000.

Simple Solar panels vs Solar sheets vs Flexible Solar panels

Portable solar panels are ideal for camping, boating, or hiking due to their portability. These panels can be bent and easily transported to various locations. Traditional solar panels are rigid and fixed in a durable aluminum case, which is often covered with heavy-duty glass. They are climbed up with stands using brackets within an aluminum frame. Normally, you can expect flexible panels to last between 5 to 15 years while Rigid solar panels, in contrast, tend to last between 25 to 40 years under normal conditions. Solar sheets are a good option but it is too early to make such a big investment because these sheets are not durable and suitable in the Pakistani environment.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, they are available in Pakistan. A Chinese company has introduced flexible solar sheets and portable solar panels in the country.

Traditional solar panels are better for houses or corporate buildings because they are robust, reliable, and can withstand all environmentally uncertain conditions. Their lifespan is also longer.

Yes, you can! You can have a mix of rigid and flexible panels set up on your roof. While going for outside activities, you can take flexibles with you. This combination can be an excellent system for maximizing energy. You can even have traditional solar panels in plain areas and flexible solar panels in curved areas. Ecoflow power kits, developed by Ecoflow, can help you maximize power capacity.


Traditional solar panels and flexible solar panels both have unique advantages. Both are beneficial, so we can not say one is better, so throw the other away. You have to make a wise decision in this sense. You have to observe the needs and make decisions. 

If you live permanently in your house and don’t move frequently, traditional panels might be the better solution because they offer reliability and consistent performance. 

If you travel often or engage in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or visiting remote areas, then flexible solar panels are the solution because they are lightweight, portable, and versatile. If you love hiking, solar sheets are the solution, as they can be easily folded or rolled up for transport and even put into backpacks.

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