Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar system

Off-grid solar system is for those people who are living in an area of Pakistan that is still backward or lacking basic facilities and electricity facilities as well or if you are living in an area where providing electricity is still challenging and expensive way like complex hilly areas of Balochistan, less populated areas of Tharr, Sindh Province and other remote areas of Pakistan. Extra energy can be stored by placing an off-grid solar Inverter and batteries as a backup.

In the above-discussed areas of Pakistan, an Off-grid solar system is the only blessing option for you as you know already, this system works efficiently without  connecting to an electric grid. This system uses solar energy to provide electricity.

Describe Off-grid Solar system

It is the complete solar system in which an Off-grid solar inverter and battery backup are used. This system stores extra generated energy in backup batteries for later use. There are different brand names of batteries available in the market that provide batteries in different capacities and you can purchase them according to your requirements. Net Metering facility is missing in this system. Use direct energy in the daytime and store energy in the backup batteries used at night time.

Major Components of an Off-grid Solar System

1-Solar Panels

Salar panels are the major component of any solar system. An on-grid solar system is connected to an electricity grid but in an Off-grid solar system, batteries are placed as a backup, in the sunlight solar panels generate energy and store extra generated power in the backup batteries for later use.


Solar systems produce energy in the form of direct current (DC) while all household appliances require alternating current (AC). The solar inverter converts direct current to alternating current. In an Off-grid type of solar system, an Off-grid type of solar inverter is used that only works with solar panels and batteries That is why this system is known as an Off-grid solar system.


The controller is an important part of an off-grid type of solar system. The controller works as a monitor to control and regulate the flow of current from solar panels to batteries. It also monitors the overcharging of batteries and ensures battery life. Due to this important function, the controller is the main component of this system.


Batteries are also a key part of this solar system to store extra energy for later use. If you don’t place backup batteries, this system will provide energy only in daytime/sunlight. If you place backup batteries that will store extra power which you can use at night time or in cloudy weather. It depends on your needs and choice.

Advantages of an Off-grid Solar System

1- The Off-grid type of solar system does not depend on the electricity grid, uses sunlight to generate energy, and stores extra generated energy in backup batteries which can be used in times of need.

2- Solar power production is a sustainable, clean, and environment-friendly way of energy production.

3- This system can be designed according to need and can reduce or even zero electricity bills.

4- This system is beneficial for people who want to reduce dependency on the electricity grid or reduce electricity bills.

5- The Off-grid solar system is a blessing for those people who are living in remote areas or where electricity facilities are still not provided.


When sunlight touches solar panels, the electrons start moving and vibrating. This vibration produces direct current and charges up photovoltaic cells. The inverter receives direct current and converts it into alternating current which is a useable form of energy.

An Off-grid solar system does allow connectivity with the electricity grid system and does not provide a Net Metering facility. It only works with a direct energy supply and can place batteries to store extra power.

The price of a complete Off-grid solar system depends on the capacity of the solar system, and whether you want to place batteries or not. But Off-grid solar systems are relatively more affordable than On-grid solar systems.


The Off-grid solar system is the best option for people living in such areas where they are still away from the electricity grid system. This system is also good for those not interested in Net Metering. This system is somehow affordable and can be built according to your needs. This system is not beneficial for those who are interested in Net Metering.

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