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Net Metering application Process

Net metering is essential for those who have installed solar systems in their homes, offices, or other buildings. Nowadays, the total cost for Net Metering in Pakistan is approximately 150000. It allows you to utilize the excess energy generated by your solar panels. For example, when your solar setup produces more electricity than you use, the surplus can be sold back to the national grid. 

If you are planning to install a solar system for your home or office, then go for it. Before moving further, It is important to understand on-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and hybrid solar systems before you go to the market. The Net meter which is also known as Green Meter not only prevents energy waste but also benefits you financially, as the excess units are credited to your electricity bill. The bigger the solar system you have the more load you can apply.

Total cost of Installing Net Metering Connection 2024

Expense DescriptionExpected cost (PKR)
Sanction load approval  (Single Phase to Three phase )30000
Document File from AEDB (Alternative Energy Development Board )Certified35000
Green Meter40000
Three phase cable10000
Additional costs35000
Total Cost150,000 Approximately
Total cost of Installing Net Metering Connection 2024

To start your net metering connection, your meter must be in three phases. So, if you have a single-phase electricity Meter, submit an application to WAPDA for conversion. The WAPDA officer will give you a 30,000 RS Challan form to submit to the required bank. After submitting the challan, your single-phase connection will be converted into a three-phase connection.  

 The cost for document preparation from AEDB Certified can be approximately 35,000 Rs. You should also expect 20,000-35,000 extra for additional expenses like electricians. The price for a three-phase Wire depends on the distance (the wire connecting the electric tower with your meter). More the distance, the more the wire expense)

Step-by-Step Process for Applying for Net metering in detail

Green Meter Installation Process

Step 1-Installation of Solar Panel

First of all, you must have installed a Solar system at your home, etc. This Solar system must be of 5KW or more than 5KW at least because if your solar system is less than 5KW you are not eligible to apply for net metering. 

Eligibility Criteria for Net Metering in Pakistan

I have noticed that many people have solar panels, but only some solar system owners have metering. This is because you have to be eligible according to the new government’s updated policies. 

Connection TypeThree-Phase
Solar PV range1-KW to 1000-KW
PV Maximum Limit1.5 x Sanctioned Load
Supply Voltage Level400 V – 11 kV
Consumer CategoriesResidential, Commercial, Industrial, Bulk, General Services
Eligibility Criteria for Net Metering in Pakistan

Step 2- Approval of Sanctioned Load/Three phase connection with expected Cost

Right after installing your solar system, you need to write an application to WAPDA to increase your Sanctioned Load.  Sanctioned load refers to the maximum level of electricity units that a normal consumer can use from the grid. In simple words, in case you are having a single-phase meter connection you have to convert it into a three-phase connection. 

If you are unsure of your current sanctioned load, take a look at your bill this month. In the 2nd/3rd row, you will find a box labeled ‘Load.’ As per my research, For net metering, the minimum sanctioned load is 5KW.

Cost of sanction Load approvalsThe cost for sanctioned load approval is approximately 15,000 PKR. Once the sanctioned load application is approved and your bill includes the total load of your home, the actual process of net metering begins.

Step 3-Contact AEDB Certified Solar Installers to prepare the Document File

Now, Contact your nearest AEDB (Alternative Energy Development Board ) Certified Solar Installers to prepare your document file. The reason is that this application is formal and you can’t prepare a document file by yourself. You need a certified person for this purpose. This file should include all necessary documents to prove your eligibility and readiness to install a Net metering system.

Required Documents

Client CNIC (Client Identity Card)

A copy of the CNIC of the person who will own the Net metering system.

Electricity Bill

A recent electricity bill of the premises where the Net metering system will be installed. The bill should be in the name of the applicant and must not have any flaws or discrepancies.

Solar Panels Documentation

Documents related to the solar panels, including their quality, specifications (power details, QR code), and manufacturer information.

Inverter Details

Documentation about the inverter, including its capacity, quality, and any other relevant specifications.

Step 4-Submit the Net Metering Application to the Executive Engineer (XEN) WAPDA

After completing the document file, submit the application to WAPDA( (Water and Power Development Authority) XEN for your Net Meter/Green Meter along with all the required documents.  Your application will generally include three copies of the file.

Step 5- The WAPDA team will schedule an inspection visit to your home

Once your application is approved, a WAPDA team will schedule a visit to your home to ensure the quality of the Solar system and ensure all other safety measures are installed. Before their visit, you should make sure that the Solar system also  has other minor safety measures installed such as:  

  • Light-dependent resistors
  • AC/DC Earth 
  • Breakers etc

Although the Solar Company ensures installation of all these minor but significant safety measures with the Solar system to keep check and balance is important. 

Step 6- Permission letter

Once WAPDA approves your green meter application, you can purchase one from a local supplier by showing a permission letter. A reliable green meter from a well-known company typically costs around PKR 40,000.

Step 7- Purchase three-phase Cable

You should purchase a Three-phase wire for the green meter connection so that the wire can bear extra load.

Step 8- Installation of the Green Meter

Once you have all the essentials ready, WAPDA employees will visit and replace your existing electricity meter with a green net meter. This team specializes in the installation and maintenance of net meters.

Benefits of Net Metering

Here are the key points summarizing the benefits of net metering:

Green Meter Processing Time

After submission, it generally takes between one to four weeks for WAPDA to process your application. This timeframe can vary depending on the volume of applications and the efficiency of the local office.

Activation and First Bill of Green Meter

The green meter may take some time to start registering your electricity production and consumption. Usually, it takes about 1 to 3 months from the installation date for the first net metered electricity bill to arrive.

Change in Plates or Inverter after Green Meter installation

Yes, you can change the inverter or plates, etc., if you want to. Still, it is essential to inform the facilitator because the inverter has a specific system, such as a hybrid inverter, which differs from a simple one. You will be accountable if you change the Inverter without informing and permission. 

Additional Tips to Fasten Your Green Meter Process

Based on my personal experience with having a net meter installed, I’ve concluded that it’s important to consider a few other aspects as well, such as:

Follow Up

Keep in touch with the local WAPDA office to track the progress of your application.

Quality Assurance

Make sure all documents and equipment meet the standards set by NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) to avoid any delays.

Compliance with Regulations

Ensure that all installation work complies with NEPRA’s regulations for Net metering.

By submitting a complete application, you can streamline the process of getting a net meter installed to benefit from solar energy in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine your home needs 100 units of electricity, but your solar system produces 180 units. The extra 80 units will then be credited to your account through net metering.

The electricity Bill during peak and off-peak hours is calculated differently. Peak hours typically are from 5 PM to 10 PM, although this can vary depending on the season.

To be eligible you must have a 5KW Solar system, Invert, Three phase connection, NIC, and existing meter. You also pay challan and take permission letters from WAPDA to buy green meter connections.

Yes, you can change the inverter or plates, etc., if you want to but you have to inform WAPDA or your relevant electricity department.

Yes, you can discontinue the net metering service. You must send an application (written) to your Net Metering Facilitation Service.

Overall, It requires Rs.120,000 to Rs.150,000 approximately to install green meters in 2024. The cost for Sanction load approval is 15,000, Documentation is 22,000, Green Meter  for 40,000, and so on

End users receive 21/unit for the excessive electricity exported to the grid but now it’s 11/unit according to sources.


In conclusion, I would like to provide a simplified Explanation of Net Metering with an Example: Imagine your home needs 100 units of electricity, but your solar system produces 180 units. The extra 80 units (180 – 100 = 80) represent your surplus, which is then credited to your account. These credits are accumulated and detailed in your monthly bill. This bill allows you to essentially use or even get paid for these extra units. 

After meeting these requirements and following the detailed steps given above, you can successfully apply for Net metering and contribute to a greener Pakistan.

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