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Having an  Inverter AC is a blessing in Pakistansi weather. Pakistan’s summer environment is extremely harsh. The summer months generally start from April to September. Months, especially June,  July, and August bring extreme heat to most of the country. Average temperatures can range from 35°C to 47°C in many areas, but in some cities, Sindh and Punjab, they go beyond 50 °C. 

This extreme heat affects homes, offices, and workplaces, making everyday life quite challenging. Therefore, people prefer solar appliances nowadays including inverter AC to take advantage of sun rays. An AC becomes essential in such extreme temperatures. When the temperature goes beyond 35°C, the average person’s productivity is significantly impacted. In offices, the heat makes it difficult for employees to focus on their work, which ultimately decreases performance. 

In such situations, an AC not only provides coolness and comfort but also improves the working environment. In a cooler setting, people can work more efficiently, stay focused, and maintain higher productivity levels. Therefore, using AC during summer is necessary and economically beneficial.

Inverter AC vs Traditional AC 

Nowadays, inverter ACs have become the standard for fulfilling air conditioners’ needs. Traditional AC units are less efficient and come with several disadvantages. 

Traditional AC

ACs with old technology consume more electricity which becomes the main reason for high electricity bills. Additionally, they have a more significant environmental impact due to their higher energy consumption and outdated refrigerants. 

Inverter AC 

On the other hand, inverter ACs are designed to be more energy-efficient. They regulate the compressor speed according to the cooling demand. This feature saves electricity, increases the AC’s lifespan, and provides consistent cooling without frequent on/off cycles. 

Inverter ACs provide better temperature control and are quieter than traditional ACs. Their ability to produce less noise while working makes them a more comfortable and cost-effective option. 

Plan to buy an inverter AC is a smart choice for both economic and environmental reasons.

Which Companies offer Inverter AC in Pakistan? 

In Pakistan, many companies offer inverter ACs. They provide reliable, efficient, and advanced features in Inveter ACs. The most popular brands are Orient Inverter AC, Panasonic AC,  Dawlance Inverter AC, Gree Inverter AC, LG Inverter AC,  Haier Inverter AC,  and PEL Inverter AC. 

These brands provide a variety of models with different features and price options. The companies make sure to offer options in every range to meet everyone’s needs and budget. 

Comparison of Inverter AC Prices 2024

Company Name1 Ton Price (PKR)1.5 Ton Price (PKR)2 Ton Price (PKR)
Dawlance AC Inverter  147,900 185,300373,800(Standing Inverters)
Gree169,900171,500475,000(Standing Inverters)
Haier112,000146,000400,000(Standing Inverters)
Mitsubishi 134,999265,000375,000(Standing Inverters)
Comparison of Inverter AC prices 2024

Inverter ACs with Wi-Fi Connection 

Inverter ACs with Wi-Fi connectivity are very  popular because of advanced benefits and convenience. This ability to connect with WI-FI allows users to remotely control their air conditioning systems, meaning you can switch on/off or set the inverter AC temperature using your mobile phone. Most importantly, this can be done from anywhere. You can be in the office and manage your AC at home. The inverter AC is connected to Wi-Fi, and your mobile app allows you to control it using a smartphone or tablet etc.  It provides flexibility and comfort for users.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Connected Inverter ACs

Remote Control

You can control your AC from wherever you are by using your phone with a Wi-Fi connection. It means you can turn on the AC before you reach home and ensure a cool and comfortable environment upon arrival.

Energy Efficiency

Wi-Fi-enabled inverter ACs often have energy-saving modes. You can program your inverter to operate in energy-saving mode during specific hours. 

Smart Features 

These ACs have intelligent features such as scheduling, maintenance alerts, and sleep modes. These features improve the user experience by providing more control.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

These ACs can be connected to other smart home systems, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This incorporation allows for voice control and seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem.

Wi-Fi-connected inverter ACs offer a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. These features make them a great choice for modern homes and offices.

What should I consider before buying an Inverter AC in Pakistan? 

All the companies have pros and cons in their product, so we have various options.  When selecting an inverter AC, it’s essential to consider factors such as cooling capacity, energy efficiency, brand reputation, and additional features to choose the perfect option for your home or office. In this section of the blog, I would like to share a few essential vital factors to consider while buying an Inverter AC: 

Energy Efficiency

Firstly, we must ensure the AC is energy efficient. It uses less electricity, which leads to lower utility bills. Brands like Dawlance and Gree offer inverters that are integrated with the Solar system. 

Cooling ability vs room size 

You must ensure that the cooling capacity matches the size of your room. An undersized AC won’t cool effectively, while an oversized one will waste energy. Measure your room and choose an appropriate inverter AC according to capacity.

Brand Reputation and After-Sales Service

It is essential to consider the brand’s reputation and the quality of its after-sales service. Brands like Haier, Dawlance,  Gree, and Orient are known in Pakistan for their reliable products and good customer support.

Warranty and Price

The warranty period is very important. It is normal to face some issues in electronics. Some brands offer extended warranties and special promotions. Brands like Mitsubishi and Samsung provide competitive pricing with solid warranties. 

Additional Features

While buying an inverter make sure to pay attention to extra features such as air filters, noise levels, and smart controls. Modern inverter ACs have features like anti-bacterial filters, low noise operation, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control.

Make sure to keep these points in mind so you can find an inverter AC that suits your needs and budget for a comfortable and cost-effective cooling solution.


Buying an inverter AC is a wise decision. They have an automatic system that lowers the inverter speed when the room reaches the desired temperature, adjusting for the season. They are more efficient and keep the filters clean. When you install a solar system, you can even enjoy the inverter AC all day with an appropriate solar setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between an inverter AC and a non-inverter AC is the compressor motor. The old ACs have a large fan box that needs to be kept outside the room. Inverter ACs include microprocessors to control the compressor motor speed. 

Inverter ACs are much better than traditional ACs. It is not wise to purchase a traditional AC now. Inverter ACs are energy-efficient and easy to maintain. They have a self-cleaning system to clean filters and other components.

Absolutely, yes! You can control the AC remotely. Modern air conditioners can be connected to Wi-Fi, allowing you to turn the AC on/off and manage the temperature from a mobile device.

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