Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar system

As we know the On-grid and Off-grid solar systems are comparatively less expensive than hybrid solar systems but have drawbacks. On-grid solar systems only work with utility grid systems while off-grid solar systems only work with batteries.

Hybrid solar systems are most popular in Pakistan due to their dual function. This system can work with both utility grid systems and batteries. It gives you a choice you want to connect with the electricity grid system or want to place batteries for backup. The price of this system is slightly high due to dual functioning but not due to solar panel rates in Pakistan

Describe the hybrid solar system?

In this type of solar system, a solar inverter is used that stores solar energy in batteries that’s why it is called a hybrid solar system. The hybrid solar system is the type of solar system in which a hybrid type of solar inverter is used. The hybrid solar inverter is capable of working with both electrical grid systems and batteries while other systems have only one option either to work with a utility grid system or with batteries. Due to the part of this dual-functioning hybrid inverter, the complete system is known as the hybrid solar system.

Important Components of Hybrid Solar System

Some important components are given below:

1- Solar Panels

2- Hybrid inverter

3- Batteries

4- Charge Controller

5- Net Metering System

6- Monitoring System

How does a Hybrid solar system work?

The hybrid solar system generates solar energy through sunlight and stores it through hybrid solar inverters in backup batteries for later use. It can also be connected to the electricity grid system to share extra generated power and can be used at night or in cloudy weather. The term hybrid is used for a system that can work with both electrical grids and batteries. In this system, at a time you can connect with batteries and a grid, when batteries are completely charged, turn to the grid station.

Features of Hybrid Solar System

1-In daylight solar panels produce energy, which will be stored in batteries and after charging the batteries the extra power will go to the electricity grid system with zero energy loss.

2-The hybrid solar inverter will convert and transfer direct current to alternating current to batteries. When batteries are completely charged it transfers the alternating current to the electricity grid system.

3-This system first fully charges backup batteries and then transfers extra energy to the utility grid system.

4-The extra energy will be sent and received with the electricity grid system through Net Metering and it is your choice whether you want to use or sell.

Advantages of Battery Storage

1- By placing batteries you can store extra solar energy and can use it in cloudy weather and at night time.

2- A battery backup system will help you in the absence of sunlight.

3- The battery system will reduce your dependency on the utility grid system.

4- After placing batteries back up, you can zero your electricity bill.

Disadvantages of Battery Backup System

1- Batteries are expensive and they increase the overall price of the solar system.

2- Due to the shorter lifespan of batteries, people consider the burden.

3- To place battery backup required more space and investment.


With the latest technology designs and modified hybrid solar inverters are available which can now work with solar systems independently without placing expensive battery backup.

The price of a hybrid solar system depends on the total capacity of the solar system and the type of solar panels you want to buy. As compared to on-grid and off-grid solar systems, a hybrid solar system is likely expensive.

There are different brands of hybrid solar inverters available in the market and providing different lifespans but the average lifespan of hybrid solar inverters is about 10-15 years in Pakistan.


 If you are interested in installing a solar system and also interested in connecting the solar system to an electricity grid system and batteries as well then a hybrid solar system is an ideal option for you. In this system, you can zero your electricity bill and can also sell your extra generated solar power to the utility grid system via Net Metering. As compared to on-grid and off-grid solar systems, a hybrid solar system is relatively expensive.

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