Growatt Inverter in Pakistan

Growatt Inverter in Pakistan

Growatt was founded in 2011 by a group of passionate individuals. They were on a mission to achieve a sustainable future. Their commitment to this cause is not just a business strategy but a genuine effort to make a positive impact on the environment. This Inverter is famous for its sustainable, reliable, high-quality solar solutions, which have helped in quick growthGrowatt is one of the top three suppliers of PV inverters. Many companies offer Solar inverters at affordable prices, but Growatt have proved to be the best in Pakistan’s solar industry. The purpose of this blog is to inform you about the updated prices of Growatt solar inverters.

Growatt Inverter price in Pakistan for Solar Panel

Growatt Inverter  modelSpecificationApproximate price
Growatt On-Grid 5000-MTL-S5kw₨ 125,000.00
Growatt On-Grid 30000TL3-S 30kw₨ 410,000.00
Growatt On-Grid 15000TL3-S15kw₨ 245,000.00
Growatt On-Grid25kw₨ 340,000.00
Growatt Hybrid-30000TL3-S₨ 275,596.00
Growatt  Inverter- ShineMaster 2.5WRS rs 39,7 50.00
GROWATT  MOD 10KTL3-X on grid10KWRS 250,000
GROWATT MID 40KTL3-X on grid40KWRS 6,82000
GROWATT MAX 100-150KTL3-X LV/MV on grid100KWRS 12,99000

Fact about Growatt Solar Inverter

Growatt is ranked as the world’s number-one residential inverter supplier. The company aims to empower customers to live a green and sustainable lifestyle by providing sustainable solutions. These include PV inverters, EV chargers, intelligent energy management solutions, and energy storage systems. The research and development department ensures that sustainable solutions are provided not only for homes but also for corporations.

Technological innovations

The R&D department of Growtt makes sure of continuous introduction to new upgrades, functional safety, and intelligent management. Growatt makes sure to be present in all the countries with inverter demand. If Growatt is officially not present, they make sure to have thousands of local partners to ensure convenience. It reduces electricity bills and carbon footprint. Approximately 2.8 million families are using great inverts to enjoy sustainable energy. They make sure to fulfill requirements for all markets; that’s why they offer. 

Inverter phase

Single-phase inverters

Single-phase inverters are available, ranging from 750W to 11.4kW. 

Three-phase inverters

Three-phase inverters have a capacity range from 3kW to 15kW.

Growatt XH Series

Growatt XH Series battery-ready inverters have become increasingly popular among households looking to upgrade rooftop solar plants to energy storage systems in the future. These investors are perfect for residential use. They have a compact and sleeve design. They are straightforward to install. They also have an AFCI feature. They are working in 150 countries. 

There are almost 1.4 million users. Growatt has the innovative technology to connect with end customers through the OSS cloud system. This OSS means the online smart service (OSS) system which helps installers and distributors manage the solar panel.


It is better to always check prices on the official website of Growatt.

Yes, it is a Chinese company. It’s in the province of China Shenzhen Guangdong.

The price of GROWATT MOD 10KTL3-X on the grid is 270,000.

Growatt inverters are ranked as the world’s number-one residential inverter supplier.


Overall, inverters play a significant role in getting maximum benefit from Solar panels. Growatt has introduced many models ranging from 5KW  to 100KW to meet customers’ demands. It ensures that all types of inverters are offered to provide variety to valuable customers. Growatt is also using advanced technology and offers hybrid inverters. These hybrid inverters are a combination of batteries and inverters that save space and money too. With the innovative technology, we don’t need to buy an inverter and battery separately. Rather, we purchase hybrid inverters.

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