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We can not use Solar Energy directly. We need an inverter to convert direct current into alternating current. Goodwe offers a wide variety of inverters, categorized into two types: single-phase and three-phase. These inverters are suitable for commercial use and residential purposes as well. Goodwe inverters are known for high reliability, quality, and sustainability. Their residential inverters are easy to install, operate, and maintain. The best Goodwe inverters are mentioned in the table below according to the capacity you need.

Table of Goodwe Inverters popular models with other specifications

Goodwe modelGoodwe Inverter ModelAvailable capacityPhaseSuitable with Solar SystemPrice 
3.6KW HYBRID INVERTER3.6KWSingle PhaseRS.400,000
GOOW-0310Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter10Kwthree-phase •4kW•5kW•10kW•15kWRs. 385,000
GOOW-02Goodwe 5Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter5Kwthree-phase 4kW5kW10kW15kWRs. 295,000/-
Goodwe 20Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter20Kwthree-phase Rs. 495,000/-
GOOW-04Goodwe 15Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter15Kw  three-phase 05kW10kW15kW25kW50kWRs. 420,000/-
GOOW-17Goodwe 30Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter30Kwthree-phase Rs. 605,000/-
GOOW-18Goodwe 100Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter100Kwthree-phase Rs. 1,585,000/-
GOOW-06Goodwe 50Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter50Kwthree-phase5kW 10kW 15kW 25kW 50kWRs. 950,000/-
GOOW-05Goodwe 25Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter25Kwthree-phase Rs. 555,000/-

Goodwe Solar inverter for residence

The Goodwe Inverters is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial purposes. It has impressive technical abilities that offer the most efficient product in the market. It offers enhanced safety features, including compatibility with AFCI. With a high-efficiency rating of 98.4% and advanced oversizing and overloading capabilities, it sets a new standard in the industry. The plug-in AC connector simplifies operation and maintenance.

Key Features of Goodwe inverters

Goodwe 05Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

The Inverters in the Goodwe Smart DT series are specially designed for solar systems with three-phase homes. It is incorporated with two MPPTs, which allow two-array infusions from roof orientations. These inverters are small, light, and easy to install.  Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations, this inverter offers quiet operation thanks to its fan-less natural cooling.  It is available in:

Goodwe 10Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

This inverter is part of the Goodwe Smart DT series. It is specially designed for three-phase home solar systems. The combination with two MPPTs permits two-array inputs from different roof orientations. It is available in various power ranges, for example.


Goodwe 15Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

The Goodwe Smart DT residential series of inverters is specially designed for three-phase solar systems. It is available in different wattages, including 4kW, 5kW, 10kW, and 15kW. The connection of two MPPTs allows two-array inputs from different roof orientations.

Features are

  • Small
  • Light
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for outdoor installation 
  • Suitable for indoor installations
  • Fanless
  • Natural convection cooling

Goodwe 20Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

Goodwe DT series inverters include 20 Kw On-Grid Solar. This whole model is perfectly designed for industrial and commercial roofs. It has a medium-sized photovoltaic power system and is also perfect for large megawatt power stations.

Features include

  • Compact design 
  • Lighter weight
  • Extremely low THDi as compared to other products in the market 
  • It has reliable grid support capabilities
  • Waterproof
  • Extra-wide voltage 
  • Dust-free

Goodwe 25Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

The 25 Kw on grid Goodwe inverter is known as “The Goodwe Smart DT Series. This inverter system is a perfect design for three-phase home solar. It is available 05kW, 10kW, 15kW, 25kW & 50kW. This system has two MPPTs, so two array inputs from different roofs can be used.

Other features are

  • Small
  • Light 
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for outdoor  installations
  • Suitable for indoor installations
  • Fanless
  • Natural convection cooling

Goodwe 30Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

This 30-kilowatt inverter is for commercial rooftops. A smart series specifically designed for the commercial purpose. It provides a maximum efficiency of 98.8%. The weight of this inverter is 40 kg. It has a packed design as it doesn’t take up much space. This inverter is easy to install and easy to handle. This series is for commercial use so it has the capacity and guarantee of longer working time with strong power. It works perfectly with a three-phase system. It comprises three MPPTs and is compatible with three-phase installations up to 30,000W.

Features include

  • Compact 
  • Lightweight
  • DC input oversizing 30% 
  • AC output overloading(Up to 10%)
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor both 
  • Small
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations
  • Fanless
  • Natural convection cooling

Goodwe 50Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

This model is known as the Goodwe Smart DT series. This inverter is specially designed for three-phase solar systems, making it ideal for homes requiring higher power output. It is available in various inverter ranges such as 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 25kW, and 50kW.

Key Features

  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor setups
  • Fanless design for natural cooling

Goodwe 100Kw On-Grid Solar Inverter

The inverter is specifically designed for the C&I sector. It is very high power and is used for major Solar Setups. It is a perfect match with Bi-facial solar plates that produce double Energy. It is Configured through Bluetooth and firmware diagnosis. We can upgrade the system remotely. It can detect internal humidity.


Goodwe delivers efficiency, reliability, and security. It provides high power generation and optimal consumption. The 2nd generation of the Goodwe SDT series has significantly improved in efficiency, especially with bifacial modules. Bifacial panels are gaining popularity because of their ability to generate additional power as they also reflect from the panels’ backside. Goodwe inverter has advanced technology that can ensure maximum energy with such innovative plates.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Goodwe inverters are perfect not only for residential use but they also offer inverters for commercial use. Their inverter are available from 5 Kw to 100Kw

It’s a Chinese company that manufactures solar inverters. It was established in 2010. The Company’s full name is “Jiangsu GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co Ltd.”

Solis 20kw On-Grid Solis-3P20K-LV Inverter₨ 220,000.00
Growatt Hybrid-30000TL3-S₨ 275,596.00
Growatt  Inverter- ShineMasterRS 39,750.00
Solis 10kw On-Grid Solis-3P10K-4G-LV Inverter₨ 165,000.00
FRONIUS SMART METER ( -3 PHASE 50-KA) Rs. 30,000.00

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