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In Pakistan, the majority of people eat three meals a day. They also prefer tea more than three times daily and extra snacks too. Therefore, the kitchen is busy throughout the day. Preparing food is essential, whether cooking for Eid celebrations or a child’s birthday. However, with gas load shedding at its peak and electricity costs flying beyond many households’ budgets, managing these kitchen activities has become increasingly challenging.

In such tensions, an electric stoves is a blessing. People can use this stove and many other Solar Appliances, without any cost of gas or electricity especially if the solar system is installed. There is a significant decrease in solar prices in Pakistan. This blog is all about electric stoves, including how they work, why they are in demand, and a guide to choosing the best electric stove for your home. We’ll also explore the advantages and disadvantages of switching to an electric stove.

Electric Stoves price in Pakistan

Electric Stove company&Model Updated price 
E-Lite Ecc-006 Ceramic Cooker
Westpoint WF-272 Hot Plate
Westpoint WF-282 Hot PlateRs.14,400
Westpoint WF-271 Hot Plate
WF-271Hot Plate WF-271Rs.9,720

There are numarious companies offering electrical stoves. These stoves are also known as solar stoves. Westpoint Solar stoves are famous for affordability. Usually, these stoves need 1000 watts to 3000 watts of electricity.

Why Choose an Electric Stove?

Electric stove is a modern kitchen appliance and a step towards safer and more energy-efficient cooking. They eliminate the risks of gas leaks and open flames. They maintain a cool kitchen environment by emitting less intense heat. They are user-friendly and provide even heat distribution for a more relaxed cooking experience. Electric stove must be considered for families in Pakistan to modernize their kitchen setups while enhancing safety.

Key Features to Consider While Buying an Electric Stove?

When shopping for an electric stove, you must consider factors such as Size, capacity, temperature control of your Kitchen space, and the stove’s safety features. Different sizes are available, ranging from compact two-burner models to larger four-burner models, so you can choose according to your available space. Some electric stove with auto shut-off or child lock features are also suitable for homes with small kids.

Advantages of buying electric Stoves

There are several benefits to using electric stoves instead of traditional gas stoves. Here are some of the main benefits:

Easy installation

Electric stove is easy to install and cost almost nothing to install. There’s no need for gas lines or ventilation systems, and you can easily move them and start using them elsewhere whenever you want.

Consistent Heat Distribution

Electric stove provide even heat distribution across the cooking surface, bringing uniformity to cooking. Unlike gas stoves, Electric stoves are particularly beneficial for baking.

Easy to Clean

Electric stove is easy to clean. Most electric stoves have a flat surface, compared to gas stoves, which have more parts and crevices. They normally have a smooth ceramic top that can be wiped down in seconds.

Modern Aesthetics

Electric stove give a modern look and aesthetic look with a sleek design

Safety Features

Electric stove is much safer than gas stoves. Few models even have indicator lights to show when the surface is hot, and grease fires are less risky.

Disadvantages of buying electric Stoves

Electric stove is famous for its convenience and safety features, but they also have disadvantages such as:

Slower Heat Adjustment

Electric stoves typically take longer to heat and cool down than gas stoves.

Dependence on Electricity

These stove is perfect to use with the solar system because you can’t use them during power outages.

Durability Issues

The ceramic top of many electric stoves can be damaged quickly as compared to the metal top of traditional stoves.

Installation and Maintenance of Electric Stove?

There are all kinds of stoves available on the market. Some plug-and-play models require no professional assistance; you plug them in and start cooking. However, many electric stoves require professional installation to ensure safety and functionality. After installation, regular cleaning with appropriate cleaners helps maintain the stove’s efficiency and lifespan. There are portable electric stoves that are also available in the market.

Where to Buy Electric Stove in Pakistan?

Electric stoves can be purchased anywhere in Pakistan. Some major stores include Imtiaz Super Market, Hyperstar, and Metro. Online shopping is also in trend; you can buy electric stoves online from platforms like Daraz and OLX.


Electric stoves are gaining popularity nowadays due to their safety features, ease of cleaning, and simple temperature control, making them an attractive choice for modern kitchens. Unlike gas stoves, which are often associated with cylinder issues and other hazards, electric stoves offer a safer alternative. We must balance cost, features, and performance before choosing the best electric stove. 

It enhances your cooking experience by bringing a touch of modernity to your kitchen.

Frequently asked questions

The heat of an electric stove is much more consistent than a gas stove. Another significant benefit is that you don’t need to worry about gas load shedding or electricity shortages.

Yes, it is much better to buy an electric stove because of its efficiency, better indoor atmosphere, and, most importantly, less costly.

Electric stoves are safe to use; you don’t need to take tension often associated with cylinder issues and other hazards. ectric stoves offer a safer alternative.

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