AGS battery for Solar Panels

AGS Battery for Solar Panels

AGS battery for solar Panels is considered one of the best options for storing solar energy in Pakistan. During the day, we can enjoy free electricity from solar panels but to make the most of solar energy, we need to store it in batteries for use during the night. Choosing the right type of solar battery in Pakistan for your solar system can be an exhausting task due to the various options available in the market. This article includes the best AGS battery for solar panels with updated prices in 2024.

AGS offers a range of battery models with unique and affordable prices that can provide the best experience for your solar panels. It offers both types of batteries, liquid and dry. It is crucial to research updated solar panel technology and prices before choosing a suitable battery.

AGS Battery for Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

List of Different AGS battery types with unique specifications

ModelPlateCapacity @ 20 hrs. (AH)Terminal TypeTerminal LayoutDry Battery Weight (Kg)Capacity @ 5 hrs. (AH)Price (in Rupees)
6FT1515PL68T2 (Thick)R16.2 kg68Rs. 26,665
95D3115PL80T2 (Thick)L15.3 kg64Rs. 23,208
46B2411PL45T1 (Thin)R9.4 kg36Rs. 14,400
145G5123PL150T2 (Thick)C28.3 kg120Rs. 44,393
CGR 407PL24T1 (Thin)R5.7 kg24Rs. 9,338
6FT1515PL68T2 (Thick)R16.2 kg68Rs. 26,665
145G5123PL150T2 (Thick)C28.3 kg120Rs. 44,393
38B2011PL38T1 (Thin)L7.8 kg30.4Rs. 13,126
80D2613PL70T2 (Thick)L13 kg56Rs. 19,522
115F5121PL120T2 (Thick)C21.8 kg96Rs. 36,581
iT5005PL90L2 TypeR48.1 kg72Rs. 37,332
95D311580T2 (Thick)R15.3 kg64Rs. 23,455
145F5123PL140T2 (Thick)C24.1 kg112Rs. 38,458
195G5127PL175T2 (Thick)C31.2 kg140Rs. 50,317
245H5233PL220T2 (Thick)C38.9 kg176Rs. 64,241
115F5121PL120T2 (Thick)C21.8 kg96Rs. 36,581

AGS  dry battery for Solar Panels

AGS offers both liquid and dry batteries. Dry batteries require less maintenance. The dry battery model 145G51 has a weight of 28.3 kg and is priced at 44,393.

AGS battery for Solar Panels 175

The price for an AGS battery for solar panels 175 is only 38,458 PKR. The AGS battery has 6 cells, and each cell contains 23 plates. This battery provides excellent timing. That’s the reason it is used in Fiat Tractors 640, Mazda Coaster, Bedford Ford Trucks, and Isuzu & Generator Sets.


In AGS, A stands for Atlas and GS is the abbreviation of Genzo Shimadzu. Genzo Shimadz is the founder of Atlas Battery.

AGS has many types of batteries with a unique product range. The price for a 140-ah battery is 28230 Rupees only. The price of 100 Ah DC-175  is 30,500 Rs only.

We have two methods to check the battery life and performance of batteries. First of all, fully charge the battery and reset your test device. Now, start using the battery and wait until the battery hits a low voltage level. Now check your results.

AGS offers lithium-ion batteries that are best used with Solar plates.  It doesn’t require extra effort and regular checks and balances for maintenance.


AGS offers the most durable batteries. These batteries are suitable for solar systems, as well as cars, heavy machinery, and construction vehicles. Whenever you plan to buy an AGS battery for solar panels, it’s best to purchase it from the AGS official website. It offers a wide range of batteries including AGS battery 200, AGS battery 150, AGS battery 210, and many more. You should definitely try AGS batteries at least once because their quality is exceptional.

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