Transition from Green Meters to AMI Meters in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy (Power Division), has announced a significant shift from traditional green meters to the more advanced AMI meters. The purpose of this transition is to modernize the Pakistan’s energy infrastructure, improve efficiency, and enhance the consumer experience with Solar Energy. 

Understanding the Concept of New AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Meters

AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) meters, also known as smart meters, offer several advantages over green meters net metering. These meters measure electricity consumption more accurately and in real-time using electromagnetic induction. They come with an installed SIM card and eliminate the need for manual readings. WAPDA officers can remotely access the meter reading, consumption, and production details. This technological upgrade not only reduces human error but also minimizes operational costs.

Why Did the Government Decide to Replace Green Meters with AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) Meters?

This approach is intended to reduce electricity theft and decrease overloading on the power distribution system, resulting in a more reliable and efficient energy supply.

What is the difference between Green Meter vs AMI Meter?

FeatureGreen MeterAMI Meter
TechnologyGreen metetr has Traditional electromechanical system Advanced metering infrastructure is based on digital technology
Reading MethodManual reading by field officersRemotely real-time reading with SIM card installed in it
AccuracyLess accurate and may cause human errorHigh accuracy with real-time data
Data TransmissionNone except manualData transmission through embedded SIM card
Energy Theft DetectionDifficult to detect and preventImproved detection and prevention capabilities to get rid of theft
Operational CostHigher operational cost due to manual operations and maintenanceLower operational cost due to remote monitoring
Consumer Information AccessLimited, usually provided in billing cyclesReal-time access to consumption data
MaintenanceIt requires regular manual checks It requires lesser manual checks 
Billing CycleMonthly or based on manual readingsIt’s billling time can be adjusted 
AMI Meter vs Green Meter

When Will the AMI Meter Installation Start?

The shift from traditional green meters has already begun. Approximately 40,000 old meters have been replaced with AMI meters in Rawalpindi.

Key Benefits of AMI Meters

Accurate Billing

AMI meters provide precise and real-time data that ensures accurate billing. This eliminates the common issues found in manual meter readings.

Enhanced Monitoring

Consumers and WAPDA representatives can monitor the energy usage in real-time through online portals or mobile apps. 

Fault Detection

These advanced meters can detect faults or unauthorized usage Such detection and reporting ensures quicker resolution of issues and reduces energy theft.


The introduction of AMI meters marks a significant step towards improving Pakistan’s energy infrastructure. The successful implementation of AMI meters will require careful planning, consumer education, and continous support to get long-term benefits. By providing accurate billing and advance monitoring improves the energy management system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

AMI Meters are Advanced Metering Infrastructure devices. They have a SIM card installed within the meter, allowing both WAPDA and the meter owner to check unit details online. These AMI meters are also known as LESCO smart meters.

The price is approximately 65,000 PKR, whereas the green meter was cheaper, costing only around 35,000 PKR.

Yes, smart meters are planned for the benefit of the people to maximize the benefits of solar panels. Green meters will no longer be supported.

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