8KW Solar System

8KW Solar system Price in Pakistan

Pakistan is in the highest need of utilizing solar energy as other sources of generating energy are more expensive. The rates of  Solar Panels are low these days. If your monthly electricity consumption is 900+ units, an 8KW Solar System and the unit rate is still increasing, it will be challenging to pay heavy electricity bills every month. If you install, you can recover the expenses of 8KW solar system within a year.

8KW solar system is widely used for medium-sized homes and commercial shops and is also a good choice good choice for Net Metering. This system will meet the need of 950 to 1050 units monthly consumption. The average 8KW solar system price is RS.1000000 to RS.1200000.

Price of 8KW solar system in Pakistan

Product NameTotal Price
Longi Himo-6 solar panel (14×575)297850
solar inverter (ZIEWNIC 8kw)350000
Solar structure/Roof Mounting90000
AC & DC Earthing55000
Protection breaker, DC wires, DC breaker, Safety breaker, Nut bolt, DBox, and all other accessories (Estimated cost)95000
Labor cost90000
Transportation cost3000
Net Metering Cost150000

Appliances can be run on an 8KW solar system

AppliancesTotal WattsTotal Appliances
2-ton inverter AC (2500 WATTS)500002
Washing Machine (100 watts)10001
Dryer Machine (100 watts)10001
Fans (60 watts each)60010
LCD of LED20002
Lights (15 watts each)45030
Water Pump50001

Benefits of 8kw solar system

1-Money Saving

8KW system price is decreased now and it will reduce your electricity bill even can zero if your monthly consumption of electricity is about 1000 units. After installing this system you will be able to save that money which you were spending to pay heavy electricity bills every month.

2-Free from load shading

In 2024 Pakistan still facing load shading issues even in summer which can be longer. if you install an 8KW system, you can enjoy uninterrupted electricity without any load shading especially in summer.

3-Government incentives

The government of Pakistan encourages alternative energy production sources like wind energy production and solar energy production. In this regard, the government announces different types of incentives and subsidies. If you are willing to install a solar system, you can avail the benefits of the above-mentioned government schemes and your solar system price will also decrease with this facility.

4-Property Value

Installation of a solar system is a long-term investment and it will pay back in energy production and also will increase the property value where you will install this system. It will be more appealing to interested buyers if have already installed a solar system before selling your property.


It depends on which type of solar inverter you are using. If you are using a Hybrid solar inverter, 3-4 batteries will be needed and with the placement of batteries, 8KW solar system price will also increase. There is no need for batteries for an On-grid solar inverter.

It depends on which capacity of solar panels you are using. If you are using a 575-watt capacity solar panel then 14 solar panels and if you are using a 450-watt capacity panel then you will need 18 solar panels.

The 2-ton inverter AC needs 2000 watts. so, you can run three inverter ACs easily with other appliances like 4-5 fans and 10+ lights on 8KW solar system

It depends on your needs. If your monthly electricity consumption is about 900 units then an 8KW solar system is ideal. If your monthly requirement is 600 units the 5KW solar system is ideal.


8KW system is for mid-range homes with monthly electricity consumption of up to 900 units. If you fall in this category then this system is ideal for reducing the burden of electricity bills after one one-time investment. By using net metering you can exchange extra energy with a grid station. The price of this system is about RS.1000000 to RS.1200000.

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