35 KW Solar System

As electricity unit prices continue to rise, the demand for solar panels has increased. Therefore, companies have introduced a 35 KW Solar System at affordable prices so that people can install these systems and eliminate their electricity bills. A 35 KW Solar System can generate almost 35000 watts of electricity. It can fulfill the unit demand of 5000+ units per month.

This solution is particularly beneficial for small businesses, which heavily depend on electricity for their operations like restaurants, Shopping malls, Small flour mills, parlors, farmhouses, Tubewell and coffee shops, etc. The 35 KW Solar System helps these businesses to avoid disruptions caused by power outages. It is very helpful for business as well to ensure smooth and uninterrupted business activities.

Expected cost to install a 35 Killo watt Solar System

Sr. No.System DescriptionTotal cost(approximate)
135 KW Solar System3747000

Required items to install 35 Killo watt Solar System with expected cost

Items DetailPrice
Canadian 550-watt single glass A-grade Solar Panels. (65-Panels)1287000
Inverex Nitrox 35KW 650,000
Installation Cost30,000
Customized  Structure  cost390,000
Total 3747000
The total approximate cost you must have to install a 35 KW solar system is 3747000.

How many appliances can I use on a 35 KW Solar System? 

a 35 KW Solar system can generate approximately 35000 watts. Therefore, in an ideal situation you can use the following on your 35KW;

Appliance NameNumber of Appliances
1.5 Ton Inverter AC10
Water Pump03
Electric Fan25
Washing machine 02
Electric Iron02
Electric Stove02
Electric Lights70

Should I invest in a 35KW Solar System?

The rising inflation and electricity rates have significantly impacted both the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as households. A 35 KW Solar System can provide significant relief by helping these sectors enhance their efficiency and reduce operational costs.

How many solar panels are required to make up a 35 kilowatt (KW)?

To determine, we can use the following calculation:

For example 

  1. Total System Power Requirement: 35 KW, which is equivalent to 35,000 watts.
  2. Individual Panel Power Output: 550 watts per panel.

Number of Panels=Total System Power (Watts)​/Power per Panel (Watts)

Number of Panels=35,000​/550

Approximately 65 panels are required for 35 KW. 

Why 35 KW Solar is beneficial?

In this era of increasing inflation, it is challenging for small businesses to survive. For example, electronics shops that need to keep devices like LCDs running constantly, flour mills, laptop and mobile repair shops, tailoring services, and cold beverage businesses—all of which require a continuous power supply—face significant challenges because of load shedding. For these businesses, a 35 KW Solar System offers an excellent solution. By reducing electricity expenses, it helps increase revenue and, ultimately, profitability.

Different 35 KW Solar System Types

There are three types of solar systems that an individual can choose from according to their needs and demands for a 35KW solar system. Each type of system has its benefits and is suitable depending on your specific electricity needs and location.

35 KW  On-Grid Solar System  in Pakistan

This system connects directly to the public electricity grid. It allows you to use solar power when the sun is shining, and when it’s not, you can use electricity from the grid. 

If your system produces more electricity than you need, you can send the excess back to the grid and often receive credits for it with net metering. 

35 KW Off-Grid Solar System in Pakistan- Off-Grid

This system is completely independent of the public electricity grid. It’s ideal for locations that do not have access to the grid. The system typically uses batteries to store the solar energy, so you can use electricity at night or during cloudy days.

35 KW Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan

This system includes the features of both systems (on-grid and off-grid systems ). It connects to the grid and also includes batteries to store energy. This allows you to use your stored solar power during power outages or when electricity prices are high. Hybrid systems are flexible and reliable.


Investing in solar panels is a lifetime commitment, and with net metering, the expenses can be easily managed. Moreover, this solar system is affordably priced at only Rs. 3747000/- PKR and can be perfect for your small businesses.  It is also perfect for a mini factory/flour mill etc. It’s an ideal solar system for schools, colleges, hostels, coworking spaces, etc.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The 35 KW solar systems have the ability to produce between 5000+ units.

There are varieties of solar panels available with different capacities, for example, 65 panels of 550 watts each will be enough for 35KW.

The space required depends on the number of panels an individual is installing to complete the 35 KW electricity production

On average, a 35 KW system can support about 25 fans, 70 lights, 10 air conditioners, 2 irons, 3 inverter refrigerators, 3 water pumps, 2 washing machines, 6 laptops, and 2 Electric Stoves.

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