1KW Solar System

Electricity costs continue to rise in Pakistan; therefore, many homeowners in Pakistan are turning to solar energy. A 1kW solar system is an excellent option for residential solar power. It offers an affordable and efficient solar system.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the costs, power capacity, installation details, and benefits of a 1kW solar system. This blog will help you understand why investing in a 1kW solar system might be the right choice for your home.

What is a 1KW Solar System?

A 1kW solar system features solar panels and other components that generate approximately 1 kilowatt (1000 watts) of power under expected conditions. This solar system is specially designed for small households and those with limited energy needs. 

It is the best choice for shopkeepers as it provides a significant portion of their daily electricity consumption. A local shopkeeper finds it very beneficial as he doesn’t have to rely on the grid.

Components and Costs

To understand the expense of installing a solar power system, it’s important to have a clear idea of what goes into a 1kW solar system and how much each item costs. Here’s a detailed table of all the necessary components with prices in 2024.

Approximate Cost (PKR) with each Component

Item NameDescriptionApproximate price
Solar Panels (300W x 4)  Four 300-watt panels to make up 1kW35,000
InverterConverts DC from panels to AC35,000
BatteriesStore energy for use when the sun isn’t shining40,000
Mounting EquipmentRacks and fixtures to secure panels15,000
Wiring and AccessoriesNecessary cabling, switches, and connectors10000
Total cost You Need 135000 PKR to buy a 1KW solar system 135000

Note: Prices are approximate and can vary based on brand, quality, and market conditions.

Total Estimated Cost

To install a 1kW solar system, you will need several 300-watt solar panels. The exact number of panels required depends on their wattage. Additionally, an inverter is essential to convert the DC output from the panels into usable AC power. Energy storage is also critical; therefore, installing batteries will allow you to store energy for use at night or during overcast and rainy conditions. Beyond these components, the system installation includes necessary wiring and other accessories, such as distribution boards and cables. Lastly, securing the panels with racks and fixtures is crucial for a stable and durable setup.

How Many Things Can We Power with 1KW?

A 1kW system can power several household essentials such as lights, fans, a television, and small electronic devices. It reduces your dependency on the grid, which leads to significant savings on your electricity bills. You don’t need to worry about power during peak hours

How Many Solar Panels Are Required?

Typically, a 1kW system will require about three to four panels. The wattage of the panels matters when choosing the number of panels. The most common panels used in such systems are around 300 watts. Approximately, we need three to four 300-watt panels for this system.”

Benefits of Installing a 1kW Solar System

Reduced Electricity Bills

Anyone can significantly cut their monthly electricity bill with a 1kW solar system, especially during daylight hours.


Solar energy is clean, and renewable, and reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to environmental conservation. It’s a sustainable approach to life.

Energy Independence

It reduces dependency on the national grid. You can avoid fluctuations in electricity prices and outages. Sometimes, electricity fluctuations can cause your appliances to short-circuit.

Increased Property Value

If you have a solar system installed at your home, office, shop, etc., then it increases property value. Resale values become higher than those without.


Investing in a 1kW solar system is a wise decision, especially for those who want to start using solar energy for the first time. With its manageable costs and significant benefits, it represents a sustainable investment that not only saves money but also contributes to a greener future. If you’re considering a solar system for your home, now might be the perfect time to explore the possibilities that solar energy has to offer.


You must have at least 143,000 PKR in your pocket to buy a 1.5kw solar system. The price increases according to the company you choose and the quality of the products.

No, you can’t use AC on 1KW because it’s a small solar system with limited energy.  At Least you need 10 panels to use AC.

You need at least three to four 300-watt panels to make up a 1kW solar system.

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