10KW Solar system

10KW solar system installed at home

A 10KW solar system is a solar power setup with a total capacity of producing 10 kilowatts (kW) of electricity. Before I explain 10kW solar systems in more detail, I want to tell you that this system can reduce your thousand rupee bills to zero. It’s an ideal time to have solar panels installed at your home, office, or market because prices have become more affordable. 

Although solar panels are beneficial for everyone, they can be confusing due to the technical terms used. In this blog, I will explain what a 10kw solar system is and its essential components. I’ll also discuss why each component is significant in the system, the different types of solar systems under 10KW, how each type differs from the other, and most importantly, the updated prices for all the types. The average price of 10KW solar system is about 1065000 to 1600000 depending on the type os solar system. It’s important to note that prices are regularly changing, so you must check out our prices too. 

10kw Solar System Price in Pakistan

The price of a 10KW solar system varies depending on several factors: solar plate brand, Installation expenses, Inverters, and Mounting structures. 

Price of On-grid 10kw solar system 

Products needed for an On-grid system with specificationEstimated cost  (in PKR)
Solar plates (Longi Himo 6  bifacial A grade 575 watt 18 Plates)21850×18=393300
Solar inverter (10KW ZIEWNIC on-grid inverter)360,000 
Roof mounting 100,000
AC/DC Earthing 50,000
Labor cost 30000
Net metering cost 160,000
Transportation expense 3000
other items: DC Wires, DC Breakers, Dbox, Nut bolt, and protection breakers. etc.115000
Total Price of On-grid 10kw solar system 1,211,300 Rs
Price of On-grid 10kw solar system 

Price of 10kW Off-Grid Solar

Products needed for off-grid system Estimated cost  (in PKR)
Solar plates (Jinko N type 575 watt A grade 18 plates))22425×18=403650
Solar inverter (10KW ZIEWNIC off-grid inverter)360,000 
Osaka Battery (Osaka Platinum P-180 S Battery 21 Plates 130Ah)39000×4=156000
Roof mounting 100,000
AC/DC Earthing 50,000
Labor cost 30000
Transportation expense 3000
other items: DC Wires, DC Breakers, Dbox, Nut bolt, and protection breakers. etc 115000
Total Price of off-grid 10kw solar system  Rs. 1061650
Price of 10kW Off-Grid Solar

Price of Hybrid  10 KW Solar System 

Products needed for on-grid system Estimated cost (in PKR)
Solar plates (JA 540 watts single glass A grad 19 plates)19980×19=379620
Solar inverter 380,000 
Battery (ZIEWNIC Li-WALL(24V 220AH) 375,000
Roof mounting 100,000
AC/DC Earthing 50,000
Labor cost 30000
Net metering cost 160,000
Transportation expense 3000
other items: DC Wires, DC Breakers, Dbox, Nut bolt, and protection breakers. etc 115,000 
Total Price of hybrid 10kw solar system1,592,620RS
Price of hybrid 10kw solar system

Complete setup for 10KW Solar system 

To get the benefit of a 10kW solar system, you have to manage a complete setup, which includes the following;

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Other components are needed to convert sunlight into usable electricity like converting from AC to DC

Types of 10KW Solar Systems with Price

There are three types of solar systems available: On-grid, off-grid, and hybrid. The term “10kW” refers to the capacity of a solar system to generate power, regardless of the setup you use. However, how this power is utilized and the system’s arrangement can differ significantly between on-grid, Hybrid, and off-grid systems.

What is an On-Grid 10kW Solar System? 

In simple words, the On-Grid 10kW Solar System is connected to the public electricity grid. Due to its purpose and function, an on-grid solar system is also known as grid-tied. Here are the key features of this on-grid system, which makes differences between grid solar systems and on-grid solar systems possible. 

No Batteries Required

Usually, On-grid solar systems do not include battery storage. The public grid acts as a virtual battery. 

Net Metering

It’s a unique, hence wondering technique. For example, your house needs 50 daily units, but the system produces 150. Now, as you don’t have batteries to store this excessive energy through net metering, this electricity generated by the solar panels will be fed back into the grid. 

But it is not a waste for you because you will receive credits from Wapda. Ultimately, you will use these credits when not using solar electricity, like at night or in winter when our solar system produces less energy. 

Average Price of 10kW On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

The approximate cost of a 10kW On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan ranges from 1,500,000 to 2,100,000. The cost varies depending on several factors like solar plate brands, structure, inverter brand and capacity, installation methods, mounting, and warranty suppliers or brands offer.

What is an Off-Grid 10kW Solar System? 

An off-grid solar system is not connected to the public electricity grid. It is entirely independent, and people use their own batteries to store excessive energy produced by our solar panels. Key features of an off-grid solar system are: 

Battery Storage

To benefit from this system, you must have batteries to store electricity at night or on cloudy days, especially in winter when the sun doesn’t stay longer. 

Proper setup 

As 10KW solar systems produce excess energy, the battery capacity should be sufficient to meet the home’s or target area’s power needs.

Complete Independence

This system is entirely self-sufficient, so it is known as off-grid. It is not linked to WAPDA by any means. It’s a popular choice for remote locations where regular electricity grid connection is not possible or affordable. It is also beneficial to have this system in northern areas where only a little electricity is available. 

Average Price of 10kW Off-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

The average price of a 10kW Off-Grid Solar System in Pakistan is 1,211,300 PKR only. This is the approximate cost, including the following: Batteries, off-grid inverters, and specialized equipment required for standalone operation.

What is a Hybrid 10kW Solar System? 

As the name suggests, this system has the qualities of both an on-grid and off-grid solar system. A hybrid system is connected to the electricity grid and includes battery storage. This unique arrangement provides several advantages:

Battery Storage

Hybrid systems use batteries to store excess electricity produced by the solar panels, the same as typical off-grid systems; this stored energy can be used when solar is not producing power, such as at night, during cloudy weather, or even when grid electric unit chargers are higher.

Grid Connection in 10KW hybrid solar system 

The hybrid system remains connected to the grid. It allows you to use electricity from the grid when your home/office energy demand exceeds the capacity of your solar system and batteries. 

Similarly, when your 10KW solar system generates more electricity than needed, the excess can be returned to the grid. This is possible with net metering, as explained above. You will receive credit and can use those credits later. 

Energy Independence and Security

A hybrid system can continue to provide power from the batteries even during power outages, offering greater energy security.

Smart Energy Management

Hybrid systems are based on intelligent management systems. This advanced system is intelligent enough to switch between solar, battery, and grid power based on usage patterns, solar production, current battery status, and grid electricity prices. This optimizes energy that can be used and can reduce costs.

Average Price of 10kW Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan

The average price of a 10kW Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan is 1,600,000 to 1700,000 PKR only. It definitely adds a few setup like plates, batteries, and other significant components. 

The Appliances You Can Use with 10KW Solar system 

Appliances Number of appliances
Solar Fans (60x 8 =480 watts)08
Refrigerator (900 Watts)01
Washing machine (100 watts)01
LED TV (100×2 =200 Watts)02
Lights (15×16 =240 watts)16
Water pump (500 Watts)01
1.5-ton inverter AC (2100×3 =6500 Watts)03
Iron (900 watts)01
The Appliances You Can Use with 10KW Solar system 

Conclusion-Why hybrid system is the best option? 

A hybrid system includes batteries and also connects at the same time. Therefore, it allows homeowners and businesses to maximize their solar investment. It is possible by ensuring that a larger portion generated by solar power is used directly by the home or business instead of being sent to the grid. 

Frequently asked question 

You can install this system and even get a net meter. With a net meter, if your solar system produces more electricity, you can give this extra electricity to WAPDA. For example, if you need 1000 units but the electricity produced by your solar system is 1500, then you can supply these extra 500 units to your national grid through a net meter. 

A 10 kW On-Grid solar system has the capacity to produce 1100-1200 units monthly. These units can run three 1.5-ton Air conditioners, which can run perfectly for 8 hours in summer. 

The name 10KW means this solar system has the capacity to produce 10,000 watts hourly. Therefore, the capacity to produce electricity per day with the 10KW solar system is 29 to 46 kWh per day. Another important aspect you must consider is that the quality of sunlight varies with the location, timing, and season, so the electricity is produced according to that.

Well, the Price of a 10kW Hybrid Solar System can vary depending on whether it is on-grid or off-grid. A 10kW Hybrid system may cost around 1600,000PKR. This system will include hybrid inverters and batteries. The more batteries you want to add, the more expensive it will be.

According to my research, we need 19 Solar plates of 540-Watts to install a 10kw Solar system at home. The size of the solar plates also matters.

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